Acupuncture Testimonials

Patient Testimonial

Video in collaboration with Touchstone Mental Health  

“Peng has been very supportive and key to my healing journey success. He knows how to zero right into what’s going on in the body. He takes the time to listen and then guides in all matters of health and yes, Spirit, if you are so inclined. Just recently I was exposed to the flu through my grandson. Peng worked with me with a couple of times to break through the virus. He was there open and receptive when I needed that extra boost. So affirming when you really need the support!”

“Peng Her is masterful in what he does. Since seeing him, many of my symptoms have been relieved. I highly recommend him to anyone considering acupuncture for pain relief, or for various physical, mental and spiritual ailments.”

“I have seen Peng for the last 4 years, and he is amazing in his approach to acupuncture. He truly has a gift. I receive acupuncture for sinus trouble, digestion, relaxation and recently helping me recover from surgery. No matter what my current need is, he is able to help me.”

“I have been receiving treatments from Peng for the past three years, with variable regularity depending on need. His knowledge about Chinese Medicine and the body is enhanced by his skilled intuition and ability to read the needs of his patients. He has helped me get relief from chronic migraines after years of nothing else causing any significant reduction in pain or frequency (I now have much fewer and they are less intense).”

“Acupuncture is a skilled technique and also an art. Peng is a master at both. I’ve had acupuncture from Peng for acute injuries, sickness, chronic conditions and energy matters. I couldn’t be happier with his results.”

“Thank you...Peng! I didn’t have any night sweats last night, or my typical morning hot flash for the first time ever! Wonderful work!”

“Peng is a master at understanding the body and knowing how to treat the individual. He looks at the body through an integrative lens, and has treated me for issues such as: headaches, lyme disease, joint pain, and more. If seeking some guidance with your health and well being, you have found the right acupuncturist!”

“Peng is a thoughtful, intuitive practitioner who is able to tune into your body and work with your energy. He's able to see and understand your needs and address them in the moment.”

“I have been hearing about this skilled healer for years from different chiropractors. Have had successful and also unsuccessful acupuncture treatments from other professionals in the past and finally got in to Peng Her. His space is welcoming, he has a good "bedside manner" and I have had improvement already. Excited to be on the healing journey. Headaches, fibro, SIBO, and arthritis with bursitis....”