Acupuncture with Peng Roden Her, MSOM, L.Ac.

Examples of physical, mental and emotional issues that I am most effective at treating:


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Acupuncture and Energetics

Why Do I Need Acupuncture? 

As you go through life, you have experiences that impact you mentally, emotionally and physically. Some of these experiences are easy and quick. Unfortunately, some experiences are difficult and/or long-lasting. These negative experiences are stored in our physical bodies as energetic blockages.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine which releases mental, emotional and physical obstructions from the body. It does this by releasing the built up blockages that the body is holding onto.

Examples of Blockages

Acute or recent blockages (like an injury from falling or flu symptoms) haven't been in the body for long, so they tend to release quicker.


Long-standing, embedded issue like infertility and migraines usually point to deeper imbalances which may have multiple sources.


Acupuncture with Peng

How is Acupuncture Different with Peng

It turns out that every body's energy pathways (meridians) and points are unique--not the same standard the textbooks would have you think. Frequently acupuncturists compensate for this by needling all the points along a meridian to ensure they release the blockage (sometimes 15-20 needles). 


Through years of practicing a honed qigong breath work set, I have cultivated a unique sensitivity and body awareness. Because of it I can "see" and/or "feel" meridians and acupuncture points, including your blockages (aka. your physical ailments).


This Unique Sensitivity Allows Peng To:

  • Look beyond surface symptoms

  • Frequently identify the source of the blockage

  • Pinpoint the most effective acupuncture points (usually using 3-5 needles!) to quickly relieve symptoms

Sensitivity to Energy Through Qigong

It is this same honed qigong breath work set that I developed for myself that I teach to others over a 12-week period. See the Qigong page for more information.



Treatment with Peng

Most disorders and symptoms can be prevented or removed with proper self-care. I've found that a reduction of stress is a critical aspect to the success of any acupuncture treatment. So every acupuncture session with me is in an environment where you can quiet down and rest from the outside world. Many patients have incredibly refreshing naps while in session.

Disease sequence: imbalance > subtle indicators > disease/cold or flu

Level 1: Reduce Acute Symptoms

My immediate treatment goal for you is the reduction of your worst symptoms. I will create an acupuncture Treatment Plan for you. This might also include lifestyle changes that I believe are critical for your overall health and will impact the success of reaching your treatment goals.

Level 2: Reduce Source Imbalances

It is important to work on the imbalance sources. In my experience, people feel better when they are only at 60-70% health. That means, even though your symptoms are not present and you feel better, your body is still holding onto the imbalances under the radar.


To make sure you continue your progress to optimal health, I focus on removing imbalances at a deeper level. This is frequently necessary for long-standing diseases and issues.

Level 3: Maintaining Balance + Prevention

Here I focus on maintaining your optimal health. When your body, mind and emotions are strong and calm, you are able to withstand and cope with most of the experiences life hands you.


Maintenance gives me the opportunity to identify the subtle early signs of a new imbalance or an old imbalance trying to gain foot again. ​

Maintenance helps you keep your optimal health.

Optimal health sequence: Calm body, mind, emotions > reduced stress > improved quality of sleep > Disease kept at bay

Quality sleep is critical for optimal health as it allows for body repair, knowledge processing, release of hormones and restoring energy.

What to Expect


New Patient: Initial Session

Peng does a comprehensive intake session to identify your concerns. For the acupuncture treatment that follows, you lay on a massage table for anywhere between 30-45 minutes with a few needles to calm the mind and let acupuncture work its magic by aiding you in releasing blockages. Finally, Peng puts together a treatment plan and discuss options to help you attain your health goals.

Follow-Up Session

Peng does a touch base to access your current state. You then lay on the massage table for about 45 minutes with a few needles to calm the mind and let acupuncture work its magic.